Geeking Out: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hi everyone,

I just can’t get enough of ugly Christmas sweaters during the holidays. Why? For starters, they are downright hilarious. I’ve been to many an ugly Christmas sweater party and those are always the best because they are so silly and fun. Just imagine yourself wearing a red and green disaster made of wool, competing with everyone else’s wardrobe and laughing with your friends as you take approximately 1 million photos of each other. Sounds perfect to me :)

To kick off this festive weekend, let’s take a look at some of my favorite ugly Christmas sweaters from around the interweb. Shall we?

All images sourced from Tumblr
a1. I love my new baby! Look at us being a family.

a2. I just can’t with you Brad, it’s over. I’m keeping the goat! The sweaters too.

a3. It’s like Alien but more cheerful.

a4. This is just terrifying.

5. We’re the best!                                    6. I hate Jack & Terry…

a7. Snug Life.

a8. Everything Leslie Hall wears looks like a christmas nightmare.

a9. Um, see what I mean?

a10. This sweater needs a haircut.

a11. Don’t worry, Menorahs can have ugly sweaters too.

a12. I think I had this sweater in blue, minus the fringe. Wish I still had it D:

a13. I think Sarah Palin made this by hand. Who else?

a14. I can imagine what this feels like just by looking at it. Looks like something my aunt would’ve worn back in the 90s’.

15. Um, someone tell Frosty he’s being creepy again.

a16. Why u do dis? :(


Haha, wow. Did you have a favorite sweater and if so, which one was it? Do YOU have any ugly Christmas sweaters you want to show me? Pictures in the comments please ;)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and I hope that you get to spend time with loved ones, eat yummy things and keep warm!

Peace, Love and Sparkles,

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