Chicago Eats: Sushi for Breakfast? Frushi!

Hi everyone,

I love sushi and luckily, in LA you can find it everywhere. I do know of an interesting variation of sushi that is harder to come by but equally delicious and it’s called Frushi.

Frushi is essentially sushi without any fish or vegetables and uses fresh fruit instead. You could have it as a type of dessert but I prefer to have it for breakfast! You can just add frushi, or breakfast sushi, to the long list of breakfast foods that I love to eat at all hours of the day.


Fun Fact:
Frushi was popularized in by a restaurant in Chicago, Orange, known for their innovative and delicious menu.

Still not sure what frushi tastes like? Here’s a recipe on how to prepare & make your very own Frushibon a petit! Would you try Frushi and if so, would you try to prepare it yourself?

Peace, Love and Sparkles,

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