Geeking Out: Laptop Sleeves

Hi everyone, 

Who says technology has to be corporate? Laptop sleeves are a great way to dress up your laptop and really make it your own! I love putting my own special touch on my electronics – they’re like an extension of my personality. Here are some of my favorite laptop sleeves:

  1. Hello Kitty 13″ Neoprene Laptop Sleeve – Pink, Sanrio, $45
  2. Andy Warhol 13″ Banana Laptop Sleeve – Creme, Incase, $59.95
  3. Chicky Summer 15″ Laptop Sleeve – Yellow, Snupped, $34.90
  4. EeShaun 15″ Macbook Sleeve – Multi, Fabrix, $59.95
  5. Missoni 15″ Neoprene Laptop Sleeve – B&W, Target, $29.95
  6. Fleece Monster 13″ Laptop Sleeve – Green, Barry’s Farm, $43

While we’re on the topic of stylish technology, I wanted to show you the awesome ipad cover I got for my birthday! Thanks for all the birthday love – you guys are the best! <3

How cute are these laptop sleeves?! Which one is your favorite? Leave a picture of your laptop sleeve in the comments :)

Peace, Love and Sparkles,

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