My (Hour Away From Houston) Trip Highlights!

Hi everyone,

If I had to take pop quiz on the geography of Texas, or Houston to be more exact, I’d get a D. Maybe a C-. So instead of heading to the heart of Houston last week, I actually stayed about an hour away in Montgomery, Texas. #FAIL

Therefore, I wasn’t able to take advantage of all the awesome suggestions you guys sent in. That being said, there is a silver lining… and that silver lining is a LAKE.

My hotel faced a lake and water park and I can confidently say, I completely underrated the relaxation factor of a lazy river.

The first night, my cousin and her fiancé took us to an awesome Mexican food restaurant. It had a giant Vegas inspired flashing “FAMOUS FAJITAS” sign out front. Needless to say, I had high expectations. Upside/downside, I don’t remember what the food tasted like because I was too distracted by the three 6-year-old girls singing “Rude Boy” and “Low” at the open mic. Where are your favorite places to watch karaoke?

After that we went to a dive bar, a dive dive bar. Where we lost at pool, punched (not each other, but one of those bags that measures your strength) and then bought shots of Patron for all the patrons that we’d bet we could beat them at both. Favorite thing about dive bars: the advertising. This place had adds on the ceiling instead of tiles, so if you’re flat on your back and in the market for a lock box or bail bonds, you’re in luck!

I’m leaving both of these spots nameless because I wouldn’t tell ya’ll to necessarily seek them out on your next vaca, but I would tell you to dive head first into whatever atmosphere you find yourself floating in. It’s fun. Speaking of fun, see also: s’mores over an open fire & lakes and brewski.

Peace, Love and Sparkles,


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