Culture Creators Unite!

“Tell me what you eat & drink, I’ll tell you who you are.”

Hi everyone,

In the CULTURE section, you’ll find ‘Belly Up’ posts where I’ll be dishing about my favorite restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, and food trucks, along with all the deets on cool bars with great music located all over the world. In my ‘Dive I Dig’ posts, you’ll get insider info on rad bars that despite having a few rough-edges are totally worth checking out. You can also look forward to my “Band-Aid Bar’ posts, which will be your guide to meeting the band before or after a show. Plus, just for funsies, I’ll post ‘Share Your Art’ projects from time to time, which will be a more grown-up version of show-and-tell. You’ll also find my ‘I <3 …’ posts in this section, which gush about my current favorites beyond the world of music—like books, photography, movies, and television!

Peace, Love and Sparkles,


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