Amped On: Allstar Weekend

all star weekend
I got to know Allstar Weekend on what I would call an Allstar Weekend. The up and coming bandmates and I first met on a Disney cruise and we spent a solid 72 hours going overboard on junk food and jet skis. 

all star weekend
(Left to right: Zach, Cameron, Michael)


Zach: the lead singer who loves whisky. With Guy Patterson’s charm in That Thing You Do mixed with some Mick Jagger microphone choreography, Zach not only invites his female fans onstage to sing, but then actually jumps into the pit to help them down.

Cameron: the bass player with Billy Crudup credibility. I can’t help but wonder if one of the songs off of AW’s All The Way album is an homage to the third member of the tripod. The lyrics depict a buddy whose “sincerity makes them girls go crazy” and I’m pretty sure they only used the title name “James” because nothing rhymes with the obvious choice.

Michael: the strategically placed drummer. If this man had a mic and some room to move,  it would be a completely different show. I once watched him take over a karaoke stage and summon Michael Jackson as he popped and locked to “Dancing on the Moon” in its entirety for a group of senior citizens who had no idea what hit them.

I can even include my 78-year-old Nana in their plethora of swooning fans. My Nana was my hot date on our Caribbean cruise and they treated her like a princess even when Cinderella was literally at arms length.  When I go home for Christmas, Nana still insists that I “tell her Allstars” they must stop off at her cabin in Colorado so she can make them a proper supper on tour.

Although I’ve had nothing to do with their success, I can’t help but feel like a proud parent when I watch them perform for a packed House of Blues. This band is the perfect definition of good things happening to good people…

…Except for when they got me kicked out of the co-ed spa on the Disney Dream after they started a serious water fight. That was mean and I will have my revenge.

Stay tuned for more about Allstars, follow them on Twitter and if you have the chance to see their show, be sure to buy tickets to support their music!

What band are you loving right now?

Peace, Love and Sparkles,

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