Hooked on a Feeling: Juice

Hi everyone,

I want to introduce you to an up and coming LA based band called Juice. Julia Lucafo or “Juice” is the lead singer and songwriter for this rad group of musicians and you’ve just got to give them a listen. If I had to describe their sound I’d say they’re an insanely catchy rock band with a retro twist. Here’s a video of Juice performing their track “Hey Mr.” live at Studio City Sound:

Julia exudes a vintage charm both musically and in person – she’s a little flower child with a badass personality. I’ve known Julia for a while and I think the best way to describe her is as a modern day Janis Joplin. It doesn’t get better than that ladies and gentlemen. If you enjoy intimate live shows and a good time then go see Juice perform at the famous Rainbow Room tonight, January 17th @ 10PM.

What’d you think of Juice? Have you ever been to the Rainbow Room before? I’m obsessed with Julia’s style and talent – so if you go, you just might catch me one of these days. ;)

Peace, Love and Sparkles,

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