Fancy Pants: Scents and Sensibility

aHi everyone,

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fun getting dressed up or down for your NYE celebrations :) At the beginning of every year I like to do some soul-searching, set some goals for myself and reflect on my experiences from the past year. Also, I like to do a teensy bit of shopping and not just for any old thing, but for items that will help set the tone of the brand spanking new year ahead of me!

Every January I like to pick out a new scent to add to my collection and just as every one has a unique fragrance, they each have their own meaning too. I haven’t decided what my new fragrance is just yet but here are some of my favorites from my collection so far:


1. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna – $64
This is one of my all-time favorite scents because it smells just like a citrus grove and I love how refreshing it is!

2. Beauty by Calvin Klein - $50
This one is a sleeper hit for me because its understated scent smells so pure and fresh.


3. Miss Dior Cherie - $60
This is my go-to scent for everyday wear and I gotta admit, it’s uber girly.

4. DKNY Be Delicious- $42
I love the DKNY Apple because it is so fresh and just delicious ;) a

5. Amazing Grace by Philosophy - $18
Philosophy knows how to be subtle, and this scent is as feminine as it is fresh, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. I especially like the perfumed lotion or roll-on fragrance because they are compact and perfect for traveling.

6. Allure by Chanel - $55
As a contrast to my girlier picks, this scent is much more womanly and sophisticated.

What is your favorite scent or fragrance? Are you a fan of any of my picks listed above? I’d love it if you dropped me a line with what your favorite fragrance is and why.

Peace, Love and Sparkles,

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